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Praise for Michael 


Hi! I am 12 yrs. old, and today you came to my middle school and played for our anti-bullying assembly. You were SO good! My favorite part was the Hang drums. They sound SO COOL!! You are very talented!! Thank you so much for visiting our school!  
Darcy, Student, Sabetha, Kansas 


Michael is able to use his many talents to inspire and connect his audience. His enthusiasm in the music and it’s many messages is contagious, which makes for a very dynamic and entertaining evening. 
Deirdre Fay, Assistant Professor of Music, Bismarck State College, Bismarck, SD 


I met with my colleagues yesterday and as we discussed plans for the year, we all agreed that your performance affected us in a profound way. Two of us felt resolution and release in regards to some powerful emotions. We will be asking you back. Thank you.   
Mo McAndrews, Hospice Volunteer Appreciation, Omaha, NE 


We really enjoyed your performance and the enteractive time in the courtyard. The grandkids really got into it. Thanks! Wishing you continued success in all that you do. 
Ken & Linda Johnson, Participant at Holland Center for the Arts, Omaha, NE 


Hey Michael! It was a treat to see you perform in front of several hundred young folks this morning. It is clear they were all in awe of the spirit in which you guided them along introducing them to many of the instruments you demonstrated and played. It is also clear you are a master musician and a good soul.  
Ward Peters, Omaha, NE 


Micheal’s workshop at the 2014 Omaha Young Professionals Summit was wildly successful!  Everyone was talking about it. 
Sara Tucker, Chairwoman, Omaha Young Professionals 


Very impressive, unbelievable performance! To hold the attention of 750 students for an hour takes a remarkable talent! 
Kris Vodehnal, Teacher, Human Elementary, Lincoln, NE 


Michael came and presented to our school K-12. We have had many assemblies, and in terms of across the board interest and participation, this was the best. Michael was wonderful as both a musician and presenter. I would highly recommend Michael and his presentation to any level of students.  
Scott "Hoagie" Carmichael, K-12 Principal, St. Francis Schools 


We thoroughly enjoyed Michael's concert at our house, and our guests did too!  His music provided just the right backdrop for a festive celebration of family and friends. We recommend his concerts to everyone who is looking for a novel, engaging evening at his/her home. 
Tom & Evelyn McKnight, Fremont, NE 


I have taught for over 30 years and yours was the best performance I've seen in my time here. The kids were mesmerized, as was I. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable afternoon.  
Karen, Teacher, Rock Springs, Wyoming

MUSIC - All original compositions.  A collection of Michael's lifework.

PROGRAMS - Share Michael's gift with others.  Your sponsorship can bring Michael's interactive performances and workshops to your community, school, church, and business.  Arrange for a home concert for your friends.  Whatever you choose, you will be thrilled to see the joy you can bring to others.

GET YOUR OWN;  You can download and enjoy Michael's music here.


Has Michael’s music sparked a light in your day, left your feet tapping, or led to finding a bit of joy? Share the joy by supporting the artist in a way that is right for you. Many thanks!

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