Michael Fitzsimmons

Performer, Composer, percussionist, teacher

Michael masterfully incorporates intuition, talent, and innovation into everything he does.  His compositions, performances and workshops are all a unique delight for any audience.   He interacts with rhythm the way a soaring bird interacts with the wind – with his music you are guaranteed a fantastic journey.

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Latest Album

Islands in Paradise

Islands in Paradise

Michael Fitzsimmons

Islands In Paradise is a musical excursion to sun-washed tropical beaches and festive seaside late-night cafes and clubs. Excerpt: Bill Binkelman Review Zone Music Reporter 2016

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Water Dance - Islands in Paradise

MUSIC - All original compositions.  A collection of Michael's lifework.

PROGRAMS - Share Michael's gift with others.  Your sponsorship can bring Michael's interactive performances and workshops to your community, school, church, and business.  Arrange for a home concert for your friends.  Whatever you choose, you will be thrilled to see the joy you can bring to others.

GET YOUR OWN;  You can download and enjoy Michael's music here.


Has Michael’s music sparked a light in your day, left your feet tapping, or led to finding a bit of joy? Share the joy by supporting the artist in a way that is right for you. Many thanks!

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